TForceElite Internationals Martial Arts Tournament

09-09-17 All day
Will Rogers Memorial Center
Address: Cannot determine address at this location.

This is the tournament you have been waiting for! Open to all STYLES, all LEAGUES, all UNIFORMS. Come ready to compete with your style, your form, your sparring. There is something for everyone and every skill level from White Belts to Black Belts. Almost 200 divisions from point sparring, traditional weapons, semi contact sparring and stick fighting. Major cash awards! $500 for adult male Sparring, $300 Adult Forms, $200 Adult Female Sparring, $100 for Junior Forms and $100 for individual Tricking. All Matted Floors in a Convention Center Atmosphere with Grand Championships on Stage. Full Coverage by one of the premier martial arts video and picture promoters. Videos will be posted on line along with pictures at no cost to competitors. Get the publicity you deserve!